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Enjoy the 7 Wonders of Mintaro!

Depending on your length of stay here in Mintaro, we recommend you begin to visit our seven wonders. It may take a couple sojourns to our village to complete them all, but you will feel well rewarded once you have. 

  1. The Great Slow Down Walk: 

Use your senses to look, listen and feel. The Heritage Village of Mintaro is best experienced slowly. It takes time to absorb the buildings, the history and the natural beauty of the town. Probably the best advice is to set off and follow your own curiosity. Why not look for the key elements of village life before the 1900s? The main buildings still exist but many are now private residences. Check out the –    

  • Police station
  • Leather boots shop
  • General store and butchers
  • School and Headmasters house
  • Carpenter shop
  • Skittle alley, shooting gallery and dance floor
  • Council chambers
  • Flour mill
  • Blacksmith shop
  • Lolly shop
  • Two hotels

Alternatively, have a look at the Heritage Walk brochure by clicking: You may wish to try the Mintaro Mystery Meander – the quiz and answers are on the brochure.

A longer walk has Mintaro as a central point along the Lavender Federation Trail. This trail extends from Murray Bridge and concludes at Clare. You can discover information here: Perhaps you may wish to check out some trail parts close to Mintaro?

2. Martindale Hall

Martindale Hall is found a couple of kilometres south of Mintaro and is a wondrous building to visit. The owner of the property brought a host of builders and craftsmen out from England to construct the thirty two roomed, sandstone mansion on his pastoral property through the late 1870s. A part of the grand design included a polo ground, a racecourse, a boating lake and a cricket pitch (once played on by the England tour team).

Martindale Hall was sold to the Mortlock family in the 1890s and it remained with them until it was bequeathed to Adelaide University in 1979. Soon after, it became a place on the South Australian Heritage register, providing an opportunity for everyone to visit and marvel the building and surrounding areas of the property. It is a most worthwhile thing to do.

Before heading off to Martindale Hall, check the website for opening hours details.

3. Mintaro Maze

It would be difficult to visit Mintaro without being tempted to venture through its famous Maze. Situated on the south east corner of the town, the maze has become a must-do activity for all ages. It consists of over eight hundred conifers, sculpted carefully to create a visually appealing challenge. Whilst many families love exploring the maze together, some parents take the chance to send their children through the maze whilst they enjoy a coffee in the gift shop. As well, the site has a range of giant sized games to play.

As an interesting fact, the maze is extremely waterwise – it hasn’t been watered since the year 2000. Check the link for details regarding costing and opening times.

4. Slate Mine

Along with the town, the Mintaro Slate Quarry has been acknowledged with a State Heritage listing. Slate has been quarried in Mintaro since the mid 1860s and was initially used in the old colonial homes and public buildings of Mintaro. Its popularity and versatility grew over time and now, Mintaro slate has been used in every Australian city and many regional areas. 

Many prominent buildings in Adelaide feature Mintaro slate. Next time you are in or around Parliament House, the SA Museum, the Supreme Court, Adelaide Town Hall, the Mortlock Library St Francis Xavier and St Peter’s Cathedrals, see if you can identify where and how Mintaro slate is used. Many of the city’s promenades also feature Mintaro slate.

As well, Mintaro slate has been praised for making excellent billiard table surfaces. The Australian world champion from 1932 to 1950, Walter Lindrum, loved the true and even surface quality.

You are welcome to drive into the quarry car park and visitors may collect information packs from the production site. No access beyond the car park is permitted.

Due to occupational health and safety regulations the quarry is unable to allow the public free access to the site and processing plant. Group or club visits may be arranged by appointment only, depending on production restraints.

Further information can be found on the website:

5. World Class Wineries

Reillys Wines

Leather worker and shoemaker, Hugh Reilly, began work in Mintaro in 1856. His cottage is now the cellar door of the renown Reillys Wines. The South Australian winery produces premium red and white wines grown from its Clare Valley vineyards. 

As well as cellar door tasting, Reillys offer a variety of gourmet day time meal options, from smaller plates up to their sumptuous long lunch offering.

Wine expert James Halliday, from the Australian Wine Companion,  gave Reillys a 5 star winery rating in 2016. Visit the website for further information, including a range of meal and wine deal options.

Mintaro Wines

Another award winning winery sits on the southern edge of Mintaro and is also a must visit location. The vines for this winery were planted in the early 1960s and shortly afterwards, the family owned business created this delightful boutique winery. Premium red and white table wines can be purchased in the usual ways, but also in excellent boxed sets of six.

Mintaro Wines was also awarded five stars by James Halliday in his 2008 edition Wine Companion which also placed the winery in the “Best Wineries of The Region” list.

Visit the website for further information:

6. Magpie and Stump Hotel

One of SA’s oldest country pubs, the Magpie and Stump Hotel dates back to 1851 and is the thriving pulse of the town. It’s the central hub of the village that brings locals together and warmly welcomes visitors to Mintaro. The winter fires are a delight when it’s cold outside and the outdoor sprawling lawns a pleasure in summer. When it’s warmer, live music under the verandah has become a popular treat.

The “Maggie” is well known for its fabulous food, wide ranging refreshments and friendly service. A trip to Mintaro is incomplete without experiencing the Magpie and Stump.

Check out menu offerings and future happenings at the website:

7. Jen McDonald Studios

A visit to Mintaro remains incomplete without experiencing artist Jen McDonald’s gallery in King Street. Jen produces impressive, mesmeric and captivating works of contemporary and fine art from her local studio. She is every ready to discuss recent completions and will gladly chat about forthcoming ideas too.

Her high-quality works are individual and superbly framed. Time spent in her gallery is richly rewarded. You can wander up the road and drop in between 10:00 and 4:30, but you can also phone for appointments. Her website is:

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